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20th "Khopyor-2020" Interregional Bard Song Festival Online

The "Khopyor" interregional bard song festival is traditionally held at the end of July in the area of the children's recreation camp "Solnechnaya Polyana" (Kurakino village, Serdobsky district, Penza Oblast) uniting authors-performers and creative teams from various regions of the country.

This year due to current restrictions related to the coronavirus infection in the country and the region, the authors' communication with the audience took place online.

Under the banner of the Russian Geographical Society the festival brought together a variety of people of different age, profession, residence and social circle, people having different musical preferences and political views. The main organiser of the event was the Serdobsky district subsidiary of the RGO Penza regional branch supported by the Green Wave Environmental Movement. The main goal was to form an active civil position among young people and other Russian citizens in the field of nature protection, to form an eco-consciousness and a sense of respect for the water resources of the Russian Federation.

All interested citizens who are not indifferent to Russia's fate, as well as those who share the festival's ideas, goals and tasks, its procedure and conditions are considered participants of the festival.

At the end of the broadcast the jury chose six winners: Mikhail Kindras and the GDETOLETO ensemble, Igor Petrenko, Mikhail Obukhov, the Prikhod Vesny band, Pavel Yezhov (Port0 band) and the Lyubiteli Etogo Dela band.

All the nominees and winners of the festival were awarded with diplomas of the 20th "Hopyor-2020" interregional bard song online festival.

Photo by Alla Glotova