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Peter and Fevronia of Murom Monument Opened in Penza

The Governor took part in a solemn ceremony held at the walls of the Spassky Cathedral on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

The Family, Love and Fidelity Day has been celebrated in Russia since 2008. The date of the celebration coincides with the memorial day of saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom - Orthodox spouses serving as a model of Christian marriage and a symbol of ideal family relations.

 "I cordially congratulate all the residents of our region on obtaining such a beautiful monument that symbolises family, love and fidelity," Ivan Belozertsev said. "Family is not only about love, it is also about solving problems together and supporting each other. Life cannot be without any troubles, and the story of Peter and Fevronia is an example of how to overcome difficulties and still love each other".

 "I am sure that we put up this monument in time," the head of the region added. "Unfortunately, it often happens that marriages break up. Now, if a couple has difficulties, they can come to the monument, recall their love story, and make up".

The Governor also reminded that another significant monument - the monument to the Mother - is to appear this year in Penza.

 "We are going to open it for people to understand the value of the family, so that they protect their love and have more children!" - Ivan Belozertsev summed up.

The author of the bronze monument is the famous sculptor Konstantin Chernyavsky; its creation was made possible thanks to the efforts of the regional authorities, the Penza Diocese, the public and with the support of the "In the Family Circle" national programme.