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‘Sputnik’ embankment
Address:‘Sputnik’ embankment
The embankment of the artificial lake in a newly built separate district of Penza has been designed as a huge complex for various activities and is beautifully incorporated into the surrounding landscape.
It is a place for diverse activities: from sunbathing, swimming, enjoying the numerous cafes and entertainment areas to active sport, jogging, cycling, and many others.
The lake is constructed so that a path and several bridges join the shore with the big islands, and making a full circle, goes back to the park area. Here, the green lawns with flower beds and sculputures provide a wonderful place for leisure.
The centre of this area is the stage with the amphipheatre and a big musical fountain. The whole complex is an unprecedented engineering project, unique for Penza and for the country.
This embankment proved to be an ideal place for organizing various concerts, shows, and sport events.