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Holy Trinity Convent in Penza
Address:Penza, Kirova str., 25D
About a quarter of the century after the fortified town was established on the banks of the Sura river, three nuns decided to build a convent on the land granted to them by a priest in Nizhne-Posaskaya (now Kirova) street.
After applying to secular and religious authorities, they were granted a permission ‘to build a convent for nuns with two churches’ in 1692. 
This is the official date of the convent establishment. The works started and by 1702 the Holy Trinity Church was consecrated. This first church was built from the remnants of another church - Our Saviour Cathedral that was dismantled due to disrepair. The second church was completed by 1717, and by the end of the 18th century the wooden churches were replaced and the stone building of the Holy Trinitiy Church was erected as well as the stone bell tower with a smaller church of Saint Alexander Svirsky.
After a fire of 1770 that damaged a lot of convent buildings, the belltower had to be rebuilt. The Holy Trinity Church was also reconstructed in the end of 18th - beginning of 19th centuries.
The second stone church, the church of the Advent of the Holy Spirit, was buiilt in 1858-1859 in the convent. 
The Holy Trinity church was replaced by the Holy Trinity Cathedral in 1900.
After the political upheavals of the beginning of the 20th c the convent was closed, as many other convents in the country, although the church services continued until 1931.
In 1992 the Holy Trinity Convent was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church and in 1993 it was already an acting convent with 18 nuns. The church of the Advent of the Holy Spirit started its services again in 1994, and in 2010 the Holy Trinity Cathedral was fully restored.