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Troitse-Scanov Convent
Address:Narovchat district, S. Skanova.
Telephone:(841 63) 31850
Troitse-Scanov Convent was founded in the middle of the 17th century as a monastery. The exact date of monastery establishment is unknown, as the fire of 1676 destroyed all the documents related to its history.
According to other archives, it is known that the convent had three churches and several other buildings before the fire. This gives the grounds to suppose that by the end of the 17th c it had become a well-to-do monastery.
The majestic two-storey five-domed cathedral, that survived till present, was built in 1795. It is an architectural landmark, the walls are decorated with exterior paintings. The altar at the lower level is dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God. The upper level altar is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The icons and ecclesiastical paintings on the walls and columns were painted by the cathedral priest Parfeniy. Apart from the cathedral and the bell tower, the monastery used to include several other buildings: the gate-way church of St.Nicholas, the hospital church of St. John the Baptist, but the old buildings did not survive.
In 1990, the new convent was opened, with the blessing of the archbishop of Penza and Kuznetsk, and now is an acting convent that is visited regularly by pilgrims and tourists as well.
The convent’s venerated icon is the ‘Trubchevskaya’ Icon of the Mother of God, painted in Trubchevks (now in Bryansk region of Russia) by the monk Efimiy in 1765, and is listed as a miraculous icon by the Russian Orthodox Church.