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I.N.Ulyanov museum
Address:Penza, Krasnaya str., 54
Telephone:8 (8412) 56-24-40
The museum is dedicated to the father of Vladimir Ulyanov, better known as Vladimir Lenin - leader of Russian communist movement and the head of Soviet Russia. Ilya Ulyanov was an outstanding teacher and prominent public figure of the 19th c, he spent several years working in Penza. The building where he worked is now a museum.
The building, a three-storey old house, was built in 1847-1851 according to the fashion of the period: with a big front yard and a high fence with intricate ironwork.
In 1852-1863 it housed a secondary school for the children from noble families. I.N. Ulyanov was one of the teachers here, he taught physics and maths. In April 1970 the museum of I.N. Ulyanov was opened in the building, and the monument to the family was erected in 1969 in the nearby park by the sculptor A.A. Fomin.  
The exhibition highlights the historical situation in the Penza governorate of the 19th c, shows the teaching and social activities of I.N. Ulyanov, who was a proponent of general and accessible education. The museum offers rare objects and memoirs of I.N. Ulyanov’s colleagues - teachers and political activists.