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Penza Museum of Traditional Crafts
Address:Penza, Kuibyshev str., 45
Telephone:8 (8412) 32-12-53, 32-13-48
The museum was opened in 1975 in one of the oldest and most beautiful wooden building of the city. This is a heritage-listed building of the first half of the 19th c.
Centuries-old folk traditions of applied arts and crafts are still being maintained, and the beautiful examples are collected here, at the museum. The museum boasts the varied collection of more than 4,500 exhibits with the objects of various traditional crafts: Abashev clay toys, ceramics, glasswork, wood painting, down knitting, wickerwork, wood carving and many others.  
The museum has its branch in Spassk (Penza Oblast) and an art studio in Abashevo, Spassk region, where children are taught to make various pottery and Abashev clay toys in particular.
The museum has been actively involved in teaching and exhibiting traditional crafts. The regular fairs attract craftsmen from different regions.