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V.O. Kluchevsky Museum
Address:Penza, Klyuchevskaya str., 66
Telephone:(8412) 54-38-01
The museum of Vasily Kluchevsky, one of the leading historians of Russia, was opened here in 1991 in the house where he spent his childhood and youth (1851-1861). 
The museum recreates the warm atmosphere that surrounded the young boy and influenced his later attitudes. The interior of the house shows the simple life that the family led after moving to Penza after the death of Kluchevsky’s father: the wooden benches, the wardrobe, the shelf with clay and metal dinnerware, some kitchenware. The rare objects belonging to the family have been carefully preserved: the striking wall clock, the ink pot, the elements of house exterior decorations.
The museum exhibition tells about the studies of young Kluchevsky in the religious school and later at the theological seminary in Penza. One of the exhibits related to one of those periods is the hand-written copy of the journal ‘Pchela’ (the Bee) issued by three friends studying together at the seminary: Vasily Kluchevsky, Vasily Pokrovsky, Aleksandr Golubev.
The museum library contains the extensive collection of Kluchevsky’s works written during his time of teaching at leading universities.
Visitors can see the copies of his widely known lectures ‘A History of Russia’ that had been translated into the English, Ukranian, Japanese and other languages and became the staple of history analysis