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Mozzhukhin Brothers Museum
Address:Penza region, Penza region, village Kondol, Sovkhoznaya str., 8
Telephone:8 (84147) 2-19-11
The house of the talented Ivan and Alexander Mozzhukhins (the French spelling Mosjoukine is also used) is now a museum, that was opened in 1989.
Ivan Mozzhukhin was a famous actor of the silent cinema. He was well-known in Russia and he continued his career in France. He starred in popular films ‘The Queen of Spades’, ‘Father Sergius’, ‘A House in Kolomna’, ‘The Devils’, and many others. Ivan Mozzhukhin was a legend of the silent cinema and his films made a lasting contribution into the world film art.
Alexander Mozzhukhin was a famous opera singer. The audience characterized him as being ‘second to Chaliapin only’, as his voice has that rich quality as that of the more famous Feyodor Chaliapin, he also starred with the roles of Boris Godunov, Mephisto, and other leading characters in the Russian opera.
The museum carefully recreated the atmosphere that prevailed in the town of the Mozzhukhins family. There are many authentic photos depicting everyday scenes and photos as stage or cinema characters. The museum containes documents related to their studies in Penza. Currently the museum houses around 200 exhibits. Old film and music records of Ivan and Alexander Mozzhukhins, old play bills and some family possessions help the visitors to feel the artistic atmosphere in the early 20th century.