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A.I. Kuprin Museum
Address:Penza region, village Narovchat, Kuprina street,3
Telephone:(84163) 2-13-41
The museum dedicated to A.I. Kuprin is the only museum in Russia to honour the memory of a talented writer and translator, whose stories and novels have been popular for over a century and some have been successfully adapted for the screen.
The museum was a popular place of visit for various Russian authors, theatre and cinema actors and singers. At the opening ceremony in 1981, the writer’s daughter Kseniya Kuprina was also present.
The museum collection is housed in two buildings. The first is the rebuilt house of the burnt down family residence and the second has been specially built to house the museum collection.
The exhibition highlights the life of the writer during turbulent times in Russia, the stories behind his novels, and the literary analysis of his legacy. The museum collection includes original publications and illustrations of writer’s stories and novels, photo and video archives, his daughter’s memoirs. The museum collection also contains the personal belongings of the writer, archival papers of the writer’s emigration period, books from family library. These exhibits were donated by the writer’s daughter.
Apart from traditional guided tours, the museum holds theatrical performances that accompany the museum tours. The participans of these performances are the museum staff and the professional actors.